ACAD Asbestos Training

ACAD Asbestos Training

I have been asked to provide a reference for Mr Stewart Powell and my comments would be as follows:

Stewart approached me in my capacity as Training Co-ordinator for ACAD in June 2005. He held a comprehensive business plan to provide his services as a deliverer of Asbestos Awareness training to ACAD delegates either in the South or Birmingham area of the UK. From initial discussions, it was then agreed that Stewart would become an ACAD accredited trainer and as part of the process to achieve this status he had to provide his CV, attend an interview and deliver a New Operative training course. He was audited by a member of the ACAD Technical Committee. Stewart attained a highly recommended report from the auditor and following on from this accreditation he now delivers all ACAD courses in the Brentwood and Birmingham areas. He also delivers In-house courses countrywide including Northern Ireland. Stewart is asked for by name when clients need follow up refresher training as his delivery for the initial course was so well received. During 2006 ACAD underwent complete uplift of training material and Stewart was commissioned to write course material for 8 ACAD courses. I have observed Stewart delivering his presentation to a Tender Board on an occasion when ACAD was asked to attend an interview – he was excellent in communication, delivery and attentiveness throughout the 45 minutes.

I deal with Stewart on a regular basis and would highly recommend for any positions where good presentation, communication and interpersonal skills are required. He is a really nice guy who is loyal, conscientious and feels passionate about his profession.

Training Co-ordinator - ACAD

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