Asbestos in Schools

eBrit Services are licensed asbestos removal contractors that frequently work in schools, we are aware of the risk and determined to support and help you to achieve compliance with the regulations.

Asbestos in Schools

Starting in January 2018 we are undertaking a campaign to provide support and advice for anyone responsible for the management of asbestos in schools and educational buildings, including Duty Holders, Head Teachers and Facilities Managers through to those responsible for the Management of Construction Work within Schools: Support will include:

Review of existing Management Plan / Compliance Audit

Training focused on:

  • The legal responsibilities of a property duty holder
  • Procuring a HSE Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor
  • Planning asbestos related work, most notably surveys and removal
  • Ensuring best practice and value
  • Monitoring asbestos related work

eBrit Services are committed to ensuring the well-being of all students, staff and others working in schools and are offering this support Free of Charge. To see how we can help you contact us now: