Asbestos in Schools
This is the 3rd part of our series of Informative articles about Asbestos in Schools.

Introduction to Asbestos in Schools
Your Legal Responsibilities
Planned Demolition, Refurbishment or Maintenance Work
The 3 Types of Asbestos Surveys
Planning Asbestos Removal
Identifying the Correct Scope of Work

Planned Demolition, Refurbishment or Maintenance Work

Asbestos in Schools

When working with asbestos it is crucial to implement the correct procedures and subsequent controls. If the work is poorly planned then the consequences can be severe.

Planning is a vital component to delivering a successful project, developing the right strategy will require you to fully understand your legal responsibilities. Dedicating enough time to planning is a frequent cause for work to be either poorly managed or delayed.

Legislation will dictate how a project is planned, managed and delivered but there are many permutations to compliance and asbestos is one that is frequently monitored by the HSE.

eBrit Services are here to help, we will endeavour to help and support you with all elements to managing asbestos within your workplace, whether you are maintaining an asbestos register or planning maintenance or construction work we are here to help.

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