Asbestos in Schools

Asbestos in Schools
Asbestos was an integral building material used to construct many buildings from the 1920s and was only prohibited in 1999. The majority of schools, universities and colleges were constructed during the last 75 years and therefore contain asbestos.

One of the many reasons why asbestos hasn’t been removed from schools is due to the cost, but there is a legal obligation to manage the condition of asbestos. Legislation titled “The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012” specifically places the responsibility on the property duty holder (CAR 2012 – Regulation 4 The Duty to Manage).

How can eBrit Services can help
eBrit Services are licensed asbestos removal contractors that frequently work in schools, we are aware of the risk and determined to provide a cost effect solution. Starting in January 2017 we are holding a series of training courses that is directed towards the Duty Holders of schools and educational centres. The course syllabus includes:

· The legal responsibilities of a property duty holder
· Procuring a HSE Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor
· Planning asbestos related work, most notably surveys and removal
· Ensuring best practice and value
· Monitoring asbestos related work

eBrit Services are committed to ensuring the wellbeing of your students and teachers and therefore offering the training free of charge.

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