Close Quantity Surveyors Training

Close Quantity Surveyors Training

The session gave a detailed overview of ‘spotting’ asbestos, showing how to identify if asbestos is present or not.

Added to this the tools that you used gave me a chance to engage with you and think about the subject from different angles.

Lots of interaction from Stewart Powell, this kept us alert and interested opposed to being ‘talked at’.

We were given an example of a priced up asbestos removal, this was useful as it explained why asbestos removal is seen as expensive. I will be in a better position to justify costs to clients.

Although the financials were briefly touched upon, I was hoping for more detail.

It was made clear at the beginning of the session that this training was based more towards capturing and removing asbestos opposed to the cost of the removal.

Close Quantity Surveyors Training

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