Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

We provide trained teams to install Fire Protection Sealing systems on site to maintain compartmentation when pipes, ducts and electrical cables are passing through walls and floors. Each seal is permanently recorded for traceability.

eBrit Services Ltd is a member of the FIRAS third part accreditation scheme. FIRAS carries out quarterly inspections to confirm that Fire Protection installations are carried out correctly to meet their high standards.

Our company and its installers individually assessed by FIRAS. Confirmation of our status can be viewed at firas-register

  • Fire stopping, penetration sealing
  • Fire door installation & maintenance
  • Intumescent paint spraying
  • Cladding to structural steels
  • Board encasements of structural steel
  • Fire Strategy Drawings
    • Intumescent mastic pointing
    • Air and smoke sealing
    • Acoustic sealing
Fire Protection Brochure

eBrit Fire Protection

Our dedicated fire protection division can advise and quote on all of your fire protection requirements. Just give us a call and let us do the rest

Associated Services

Fire Door

eBrit provide diamond core drilling, sawing and concrete cutting services. This allows us to fully managed services where we create the openings for clients that will be fire stopped by our teams. This enables us to have total control from inception to delivery to give peace of mind to our clients.

Fire Door

Fire stopping is often defined as the sealing of openings (often with services passing through) to prevent smoke and fire passing through one building compartment to another. eBrit has extensive experience where fire stopping is of critical importance. Our solutions include:

Seal around service penetrations through walls and floors

Seal gaps between elements of the structure (eg. curtain walling to cladding)

Seal gaps to profile decking

Fire barriers within ceiling voids

Fire Door

Structural steel fire protection is required to preserve the stability of the building in the event of a fire which is stated in Section B3, Internal fire spread (structure), of the 1991 Building Regulations. Our expert teams provide services through intumescent coating, board and casing system and installing cementitious products.

Cladding to structural steels

Board encasements of structural steel

Fire Strategy Drawings

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