Our Mission

eBrit Services will endeavour to work with all necessary parties to ensure total compliance and quality when working in a high risk environment.

Our commitment to detail, quality and customer satisfaction will ensure the right outcome when removing hazardous materials.

When you consider eBrit Services you can be assured that the work will be undertaken to the very best standards incorporating legislative controls, industry best practice and value.

  • Quality
  • Compliance
  • Best Value
  • Planning

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Asbestos is a high risk industry therefore to achieve, sustain and continuously improve the way we operate we need to formalise a high quality system of work that reflects our aims and objectives.

Customer satisfaction is a high priority that encourages compliance and repeat business opportunities.

The growth of our business is dependent on customer satisfaction, and this is testament to the rapid growth of eBrit Services.


Due to the nature of risk asbestos related work is highly legislated, no job that we do is the same and complying to legislative requirements if often challenging.

Recognising the risks and implementing controls is a basic skill of an experienced Contract Manager, when using eBrit Services you are assured that our Contract Managers and administrators have the technical ability to demonstrate industry best practice and comply with legislation.


When removing asbestos containing materials planning is an essential element, there are many permutations to where asbestos can be found but without the correct planning arrangements the work can become unsafe. Communication with all parties is encouraged to enable a safe outcome for every eventuality.

At pre-tender/enquiry stage a Contract Manager will arrange a site visit where the initial plan of work will be developed. Considerations such as site conditions, security arrangements, client specifications health safety controls, working hours and welfare provisions will be implemented into a plan of work document.

Best Value

The concept of best value is not the lowest price but the most beneficial cost that effects the longevity of a professional relationship or project. Understanding our customers’ needs and delivering solutions rather than problems is a factor that we have demonstrated on many occasions.

Our customers have benefited from our free support, advice and training services that we offer on a frequent basis, for reference please refer to our testimonial page.

Best value for money is defined as the most advantageous combination of cost, quality, reliability, honesty and sustainability to the all parties that are connected to the main work.

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